Malaysian Nation Wide Light House Weekend 2009 (MLHW 09)

Project Paper: Malaysian Nation Wide Light House Weekend 2009 (MLHW 09), and International Light House Ham Radio Weekend 2009
Hi All,

Our friend intends to do an International Light House Ham Radio Weekend and he has prepared the paper below for your attention.
Enjoy reading -


i. This event is not a contest, there are no prizes or any other enticements to participate and is therefore free of charge.

ii. To promote public awareness of ham radio and lighthouses in Malaysia.

iii. To acknowledge the contribution and recognition of the lighthouses and their keepers.

iv. To foster fellowship among members of the various Ham Radio clubs and Lighthouse Societies in Malaysia.

v. To gain experience for DX-peditions for the Ham Radio operators and to promote “exotic” Malaysia among International DXCC chasers or seekers.

vi. Pilot project proposed, as a future yearly event on the 2nd weekend of August and to be inserted in the Tourism Malaysia Calendar of the year.

vii. Since the 2nd weekend of August every year, coincides with the “Asia Pacific JOTA”, this ILLW event is extended to all Boy Scouts and Girl Guides via BP House Malaysia, to join in the fun at the light houses or contact the light houses via Ham Radio.

Date: 1st till 31st August 2009 (MST)

Weekend 2 – 8 Aug 09 (Sat), 9am till 9 Aug 09 (Sun) 3pm (30hrs)
Weekend 3 – 15 Aug 09 (Sat), 9am till 16 Aug 09 (Sun) 3pm (30hrs)
Collaboration with:

Jabatan Laut Malaysia
Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan
Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia
Kementerian Pelancongan & Tourism Malaysia
Pejabat Menteri Besar & Local Council
Kinabalu Radio Club
Kuching Radio Club
Brunei Darrusallam Radio Society
All other groups within Malaysia
Light Houses Station Master:

Rumah Api Fort Cornwallis, 9M2BA – Azmi Abdullah
Rumah Api Muka Head
Rumah Api Pulau Rimau

Rumah Api Pulau Angsa 9M2CJ – Thiam Chee Ming
Rumah Api One Fathom Bank
Rumah Api Kuala Selangor 9M2SQL – Abdul Mutalib Omar
Rumah Api Bukit Jugra 9M2GEN - Zafarudin

Negeri Sembilan / Melaka
Rumah Api Cape Rachado 9M2QQ – Hans Elhers
Rumah Api Pulau Undan 9M2WT – William Tan

Rumah Api Bukit Segenting 9M2NP - Tango (Narayanan Pillai)
Tanjung Piai Lightbeacon
Pulau Pisang Light House
Tg Api Api Light House 9M2DA Deen Atan
Tg Tenggaroh Light House
Pulau Mungging Light House

Rumah Api Tanjung Gelang 9M2TOT Ibrahim B Musa

Kelantan / Terengannu
Tumpat Light House
Pantai Senok . Pengkalan Daty Light House
Seabelle Rock Light House, Pulau Perhentian
Bukit Puteri Light House Kuala Terengganu

Tanjung Kubong Light House 9M6DJC – M Christoper
Pulau Papan Light House
Pulau Gaya Light House
Pulau Kalampunian Light House
Pulau Silingan Light House
Tanjung Trang Light House
Bagahak Light House
Pulau Si Aimil Light House

Tanjung Dato Light House 9M8DB – Johnny
Tanjung Po Light House
Tanjung Jerijeh Light House
Tanjung Sirik Light House
Tanjung Kidurong Light House
Tanjung Lobang Light House
Tanjung Baram Light House

so any volunteers please contact 9W2PD at 019- 654 0011

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