RAE Quiz-2

The current flowing in a circuit is 10 mA.
How many Watt of power is dissipated by a
circuit resistance of 100 kΩ?
a) 1 Watt
b) 10 Watt
c} 1,000 Watt
d} 10,000 Watt

Answer is
b) 10 Watt


remember ohm's law for power. the formula is
P = I 2 x R, P = E x I or P = E 2 / R

given I= 10mA and R= 100kΩ, what is power in watt?

so P = I 2 x R
= (10mA) 2 x 100kΩ
= 10watt

Three good electrical conductor are:

a) Copper, gold and mica
b) Gold, silver and wood
c) Gold, copper and aluminum
d) Copper, aluminum and paper

Answer is C)Gold, copper and aluminum

reference for good electrical conductor "click here"

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