MFJ-1662 coming soon

MFJ-1662, 6 Thru 40 Meters Mobile Screwdriver Antenna.

MFJ's new Manually Tuned Screwdriver Antennas let you operate all bands 80-6 Meters continuously including all WARC bands and the new 60 Meter bands (depends on model). It far outperforms other HF compact antennas.

An extra long 10 foot (19” collapsed) telescoping whip lets you really get out and work rare DX! A 4½ foot (23” collapsed) telescoping stainless steel whip is included for mobile and limited space operation.

It has a highly efficient loading inductor. For highest Q, the coil is wound with heavy gauge wire with wide spaced turns on a core that is mostly air.

A tuning sleeve electrically removes turns to eliminate detrimental self-resonance effects that "wander leads" cause. The tuning sleeve is on the low impedance side of the coil to minimize power robbing stray capacitance and detuning hand capacitance effects. Tuning is smooth, easy and sure -- the frequency stays put after you tune it. There is no tedious back and forth trial and error tuning procedure.

It's extremely rugged -- the whole coil assembly is one unit and does not move. A separate movable sleeve adjusts frequency. A nylon-tipped thumb-screw locks sleeve. A wing nut lets you connect a matching capacitor or inductor for 1:1 SWR.

Standard 3/8x24 mounting hardware is used for both the loading coil and both whips. Use any standard 3/8x24 mount.

Works great in or out doors. Handles 200Watts PEP. Add coax, connect ground/ counterpoise and you're ready to operate.

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